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My Le Crueset baking dish really let me down!

While I was roasting my chicken on 450 degrees, I heard something snap.  I looked around to see if I dropped something on the floor in my kitchen.  When I checked on the chicken a little while later, I saw that the baking dish had cracked and split.  This caused the juices to flow down to the oven floor-causing fumes and ruining my brand new oven.

I emailed Le Crueset and they offered a lousy explanation.  They said if I had used the dish dry (non-oiled), this could cause for the baking dish to crack.  Shouldn’t I be able to use the baking dish however I need and feel secure that it will not break?  I was roasting a chicken for crying out loud with juices covering the whole dish!

They asked for my phone number to call me for a return authorization.  The whole service felt like B.S.  I could use the amount of the dish towards another dish (why would I want to do that?) or something else on their site, but I have to send the broken pieces back to them. That makes sense, except I did not feel like putting in the effort to clean broken pieces.

They probably outsource these baking dishes, but they should still stand behind their products.  I use the Le Creuset cast iron pots all the time, and they are supposed to be lifetime guarantee.  The baking dishes are obviously just accessories to add assortment to the line for some profit.

I will be going to Broadway Pandhandlers one of these days soon to check out some baking dishes that are meant to last, used “wet” or “dry”.

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if i can’t see the back, why would i buy this?

Just doing a quick browse on bloomingdales.com, a store or site I haven’t shopped at since childhood and high school.  I came across a Clu jersey halter dress on sale.  I thought, hmmm…maybe this could be an interesting piece to layer with my other dresses, I wonder what the back looks like?

Well, there is no back view.  So, let me get this straight.  It says “halter” dress, which implies there’s back interest.  How low is the back?  How does the halter sit at the neck?  If I cant’ see the back, why would I buy this without knowing how it looks like?

This is what annoys me about online shopping.  A HUGE company like Bloomingdale’s should shell out a few extra dollars and time to take a photo of another view of the clothes so we can see what the heck they look like.  Barneys.com is THE WORST when it comes to online shopping. For a chic and upscale store, the site is disgustingly amateur and unappealing.  The view of the garments are limited and the zoom feature is horrendous.  The worst is with the shoes-I’d like to see the FRONT, BACK, PROFILE, AND SOME DETAILS.  They give you a crappy three-quarter view thinking you can get an accurate read of the shoe while they take one or two pictures.  LAME.

With amazing service sites like net-a-porter.com and shopbop.com that give an “experience” while shopping and set high standards, sites like barneys.com and bloomingdales.com are outdated and depressing.  

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